Georg Klein Nicolai Theology

The Everlasting Gospel

A new edition of the classic that brought Christian Universalism to America.The Everlasting Gospel was written by the German pastor Georg Klein-Nicolai of Friessdorf, Germany, under the pseudonyme of Paul Siegvolck. The German title was “Das von Jesu Christo dem Richter der Lebendigen und der Todten, aller Creatur zu predigen befohlene ewige Evangelium, etc.” The English translation, presenting a somewhat simplified version of the text with fewer references, Greek words, etc., was first published by Christopher Sower in Germantown in 1753. It was later published by Elhanan Winchester in London in 1792. This text is based on a digitized version from the Select Theological Library (1840), made by Scot Wells.

As the whole Divine Being is pure love, so are likewise all the attributes of God; as for instance, his wisdom, omnipotence, holiness, mercy, truth, etc. at the bottom nothing else but love. If anything could be said of God, which is not grounded upon love, or is contrary to it, God would have something in himself, which would make him to be no God, because the true and only God is entirely an ocean of love.” – Georg Klein Nicolai

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